Welcome to Pro Wrestlers Only

Welcome to Pro Wrestlers Only! Our mission is to properly regulate professional wrestling for the safety of the brotherhood of professional wrestlers. To do this, it simply takes verification of training. Too many promotions pop up throughout the year with inexperienced people thinking they can run a show. If they want to, that is fine. However, hiring just anyone who claims they are a wrestler is not fine. That takes untrained persons and puts their lives and health at risk, as well as the professionals they are put into the ring with, the referee, and the fans in attendance. By verifying every professional wrestler’s line of training, we are hoping that the wrestling world can get on board with this movement to ensure the safety of our performers of our favorite entertainment platform.

I have spoken with several promoters that believe in the cause and will be starting verification this week. Stay tuned and if you would like to get your verification out of the way, feel free to fill out the verification form and we will be in contact.